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In the spirit of “Innovation, Science Education & Talent Cultivation”, ARLF proactively adopts innovative thinking and technology to strengthen the STEM syllabus, which integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. ARLF is committed to making science education through robotics available and accessible to all, enhancing interaction and cooperation within the Asia-Pacific region and nurturing more all-round innovators to meet the needs of social development and reach out to the world.


Through sponsorship and subsidy schemes, ARLF cooperates with schools, community organizations and non-governmental organizations to support students and technology professionals in learning, research and robotics competitions and events. ARLF also organizes robotics events and initiates education and research programs, aiming to facilitate the healthy and rapid development of robotics education and scientific research in Asia, so that it will be on par with the highest international standards.

ARLF is active in different ways:


With the vision of “Science Education, Inspiring Creativity”, ARLF is dedicated to extensively promoting science education through robotics to schools and the community. We hope to enhance young people’s creativity and problem-solving skills, thus nurturing innovation and technology talents who are ready for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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