About Asian Robotics League Fund

First Charity Fund Dedicated to Promoting Science Education through Robotics

The establishment of the Asian Robotics League Fund stems from the vision and efforts of Mr Leung Chung Ming, the Chairman of the Asian Robotics League, which he founded jointly with robotics experts, entrepreneurs and educational institutions in 2007. Since then, the Asian Robotics League has proactively organized different kinds of robotics competitions with the purpose of fostering the development of science and technology education. For over a decade, it has accumulated extensive experience while developing a close-knit Asia-Pacific network. Building on these achievements, Mr Leung Chung Ming founded the Asian Robotics League Fund (ARLF) in 2015, in an effort to further advocate robotics education.

ARLF is the first non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong dedicated to promoting science education through robotics. It creates opportunities and provides resources for students, schools and the robotics industry by holding and sponsoring competitions and projects related to robotics.

The logo of the Asian Robotics League Fund (ARLF) represents our spirit and ambition.

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